Ko Pha Ngan: The Island of Legendary Full Moon Parties and Serene Beauty

Ko Pha Ngan

Every month, as many as 30,000 people come together on Ko Pha Ngan, turning this quiet island into a lively Full Moon Party spot. The first party in 1985 was a small event with just a few people at Paradise Bungalows. The colossal get-together brings different cultures together under the bright Thai sky.

The party offers a variety of music, from the energetic beats of trance and techno to the soothing rhythms of reggae and live bands. All this excitement is set in Thailand’s beautiful island paradise.

The main action happens at Haad Rin Beach, but the excitement goes beyond. Visitors come to enjoy Ko Pha Ngan’s vibrant nightlife, beautiful beaches, and unique culture. This place is not just about great parties. It also offers peaceful, beautiful scenes typical of Thailand’s tropical islands.

The travel guide for Ko Pha Ngan shows both sides of the island and helps you discover this amazing place in Southeast Asia.

Key Takeaways

  • Monthly convergence of up to 30,000 attendees at Ko Pha Ngan’s full moon parties.
  • Beginning as a small gathering, now a global spectacle with diverse music and culture.
  • Vital to explore a variety of accommodations early, given the spike in Haad Rin prices.
  • Multifaceted nightlife ko pha ngan engages visitors beyond the full moon festivities.
  • Boasts a harmony of nighttime adventure and daytime tropical relaxation.
  • Accessible via various transportation modes, including air, train, or ferry services.

The Origin and Evolution of Ko Pha Ngan’s Full Moon Parties

The iconic Ko Pha Ngan full moon party is at the heart of southern Thailand’s vibrant culture. It has grown from a simple gathering to a famous global event. Haad Rin beach became a key spot for backpackers on this beautiful island. They came together under the full moon. This celebration is about more than just fun. It symbolizes the island’s charm and is a must-see in Southeast Asia.

The island itself boasts a rich tableau of nature and culture.

This place is peaceful and lively with an area of 125 km² and over 10,000 people. Most of it is protected rainforest, making it a great spot for a quiet escape or an exciting holiday. It draws about 458,000 visitors every year.

The full moon parties began with the excitement of backpacking culture. Haad Rin Beach’s parties became famous worldwide. At these gatherings, people from all corners of the Earth connect. They share in the joy of music and dancing under the moon.

The Adventurous Beginning: Backpackers and Moonlit Celebrations

The earliest full moon parties were small and intimate. They took place on beautiful beaches, surrounded by the sea. Word of the gatherings spread among backpackers, drawing them to this hidden gem in Thailand. The vibe was all about freedom and enjoying the moment together.

Ko Pha Ngan’s location made it a hub for travelers. It’s close to other islands and has amazing natural beauty. Despite development, it has balanced preserving nature and having fun.

A Global Phenomenon: From Rave Culture to Monthly Festivity

The full moon party has evolved with travel and community trends. It became huge in the 90s rave culture. This brought energetic music and a welcoming atmosphere to the island’s nights. The event is a key part of Southeast Asia tourism.

Even though Ko Pha Ngan is small, the celebration is huge. The island has schools and a community that contributes to its diverse culture. This mix makes the place special and keeps drawing visitors.

The party has a big impact on the island and visitors worldwide. It creates lasting memories. Yet, it also challenges the island with waste issues. This shows the event’s scale and significance in creating connections.

Unveiling Ko Pha Ngan’s Nightlife: Beyond the Full Moon Party

As night falls on Ko Pha Ngan, the island transforms rather than quiets. The famous nightlife Ko Pha Ngan offers kicks into high gear. Travelers find themselves spoiled for choice, from the iconic Full Moon Party to a range of beach clubs, bars, and live music concerts that light up the night.

Ko Pha Ngan Nightlife

This travel guide illuminates the lesser-known aspects of Ko Pha Ngan’s nightlife. It’s not just about the mass gatherings. The island also has cozy reggae bars, upscale lounges, and beachfront raves that go all night. The vibrant nightlife Ko Pha Ngan supports is key to the local economy and culture, benefiting everyone from hotel workers to small business owners.

More than half of the one million annual visitors to Ko Pha Ngan come for its famous moonlit parties.

Yet, safety remains a top concern amid the fun. A tragic incident in 2013 led to a young tourist’s death, casting a shadow over the island’s reputation. The British Foreign Office now advises caution, highlighting the importance of safety on vacation.

Beach clubs and dance spots by the sea offer a chance to relax or make new friends. Ko Pha Ngan’s beachside spots are perfect if you dream of dancing on soft sand with a drink in hand.

The island’s laid-back bars would be ideal for those seeking a calm evening. They offer a peaceful setting to enjoy drinks, meet others, or look at the stars. And for the music enthusiasts, live music concerts are a treat. They showcase sounds from around the globe, making Ko Pha Ngan a haven for music fans.

Ko Pha Ngan’s nightlife is not just about parties on the beach. It’s a rich tapestry of experiences ripe for discovery by all who visit. Whether you’re a newcomer or a returning traveler, the nightlife here promises unforgettable moments against the backdrop of a stunning sunset.

Discovering the Serene Side of Ko Pha Ngan

The serene beauty of Ko Pha Ngan stands apart from its lively parties. Known for its Full Moon Party, the island offers quiet places for peace and nature. It covers 125 km2 with a 40 km coastline, waiting for you to explore its calm allure.

With about 10,000 people, Thong Sala is its heart. The island’s beauty shines on its pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. Waves gently touch the shore, inviting you to relax. Its highest point, Khao Ra adds a dramatic touch to the peaceful beaches.

Reaching this hidden gem is mainly by boat, 55 km from the mainland. Once there, motorbikes are the best way to see its hidden spots and beautiful beaches.

Pristine Beaches and Crystal Clear Waters

The pristine beaches of Ko Pha Ngan symbolize peace. Surrounded by clear waters, they offer a perfect spot for relaxation and enjoyment. In 2018, these unspoiled spots attracted nearly half a million visitors, many of whom sought accommodation in Ko Pha Ngan for a peaceful getaway.

Tranquil Retreats: Yoga and Wellness Centers

But it’s not just for beach fans. For those seeking calm and wellness, Ko Pha Ngan is ideal. Yoga and wellness centers dot the island, offering serene spots among greenery. They cater to everyone, welcoming both beginners and experts.

In line with its care for nature, these centers promote organic living and mindfulness. This makes Ko Pha Ngan a top choice for eco-friendly travel and restoration.

Ko Pha Ngan balances lively parties and tranquility. Beyond the Full Moon Party, it offers a quiet, reflective side. It invites everyone to discover both sides of its character.

Ko Pha Ngan Accommodation Options for Every Traveler

Looking for a luxurious vacation or a cozy spot to relax? Ko Pha Ngan has something for every type of visitor. The island is filled with different vacation accommodation options. You will surely find the perfect place to stay from the luxurious to the quaint. Check out these top Thailand accommodation options for your trip.

Luxury resort in Ko Pha Ngan

Luxury Resorts with Stunning Seaviews

Dreaming of luxury? Luxury resorts in Ko Pha Ngan offer lavish comforts with beautiful sea views. They have top-level amenities and excellent service. Enjoy private balconies, fine dining, and spa treatments that make your stay unforgettable.

Charming Hostels Perfect for Backpackers

The island also welcomes backpackers with charming hostels. These places offer clean, budget-friendly rooms, kitchens, and lively common areas. It’s a great way to meet other travelers and share exciting stories.

Secluded Bungalows for a Romantic Getaway

Looking for a private escape? The island’s secluded bungalows are perfect for couples. Tucked away, they offer a romantic getaway in nature. Wake up to ocean sounds and enjoy evenings under the stars. These bungalows are truly a slice of paradise.

Exploring Ko Pha Ngan’s Best Beaches

Ko Pha Ngan stands out as a top vacation destination. It’s famous for its beaches in Ko Pha Ngan, which impress everyone. With 17 unique beaches, it suits all types of travelers. Do you like lively beach activities or quiet spots? Ko Pha Ngan has it all.

Adventurers will love the two beaches, perfect for sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking. They’re close to the main pier, just a 15-20 minute ride. These best beaches in Ko Pha Ngan offer fun near the shore. Looking for a place to stay? Prices range from 150-300 baht, with luxury resorts at Haad Salad beach.

  1. Bottle Beach is great for a peaceful getaway. It’s accessible by a 2-3 hour hike and offers an untouched, rugged beauty.
  2. You can also take a longtail boat from Chalok Lam for a scenic journey to Bottle Beach. It’s easier than hiking.
  3. It’s secluded, with no ATMs or convenience stores. A perfect spot for a digital break.
  4. Despite its remote location, staying here is affordable—250-300 baht. Try the local fried noodles for about 90 baht.

Plan your trip during Dec-Mar or Jul-Aug, especially for the Full Moon Party. Book your ferry in advance for a smooth journey. Flying in from places like Bangkok or Phuket is easy with the nearest airport in Ko Samui. This makes getting to this tropical island straightforward.

If coming from Bangkok, consider Nok Air’s combo ticket. It includes your flight, bus, and ferry. The Lomprayah catamaran is a recommended ferry for its comfort. It quickly connects you from Chumphon Airport to your island adventure. With multiple daily ferries from Ko Samui to Haad Rin, reaching Ko Pha Ngan’s best beaches is simple and exciting.

The Full Moon Party Experience: Music, Dance, and Revelry

Ko Pha Ngan nightlife

The full moon party Ko Pha Ngan is all about an amazing celebration. It attracts travelers for endless music, dance, and revelry. From small gatherings in 1988 to massive parties today, it draws up to 30,000 people each time. On New Year’s Eve, that number can jump to 60,000.

Electrifying Beats from International DJs

International DJs’ music fills the air at night. As the moon shines bright, beats pump, and people dance under the stars. This party makes the local nightlife famous. A taxi driver usually earns 150 baht, which jumps to 6000 baht during the party.

The Spellbinding Performances of Fire Dancers

Fire dancers capture everyone’s attention with their stunning performances. They move with torches, creating beautiful fire patterns. This adds a special touch to the night’s atmosphere. Their performances add a deep meaning to these island celebrations.

Aspect of Full Moon PartyStatistical HighlightEconomic Impact
Monthly AttendanceUp to 30,000 PeopleSignificant Increase in Local Income
Taxi Income on Event NightUp to 6000 BahtTaxi Touts’ Earnings Augmented
Local Business BenefitsShop Owners Feed Family for a MonthBoost in Micro-economy
Clean-up Efforts100 Baht Entry Fee ContributionCommunity-Driven Cleanup
Safety & EnvironmentChallenges with Crime and DamageContinuous Effort for Improvement

The full moon party Ko Pha Ngan boosts the local economy. Yet, it comes with safety and environmental concerns. To help, there’s a 100 baht entry fee for cleanup efforts by beach bar owners.

Going to these island parties means more than just having fun. It shows you’re part of a bigger story. You join a celebration of happiness and face the challenge of keeping Ko Pha Ngan beautiful.

Top Attractions in Ko Pha Ngan

Ko Pha Ngan is famous for its thrilling parties, but it also offers natural wonders and cultural spots. This guide highlights the island’s treasures, from tropical paradises to cultural gems. Let’s explore what makes this island a unique adventure besides the famous full moon parties.

Natural Wonders: Waterfalls and Jungle Trails

Ko Pha Ngan has hidden natural gems that are ready to be explored. The interior is a blend of jungles and sparkling waterfalls. This scene captures the essence of southeastern Thailand tourism. The island boasts the Yang Na Yai tree, towering at 54m, and trails to Than Prawet Waterfall. Nature lovers will enjoy exploring these wonders.

Cultural Spots: Temples and Local Markets

Ko Pha Ngan’s culture can be seen in its temples and lively markets. Visit the Chedi Wat Nai pagoda from the 19th century and the old Bulao Malayu Mosque. The local markets offer a feast of sights and tastes. Here, visitors can dive into the local lifestyle. From peaceful temples to vibrant markets, the island’s culture awaits you.

  1. Awe-Inspiring Sites and Excursions on Ko Pha Ngan
  • Hat Khom Beach, with its 500m of inviting sands
  • 15-minute ascent to the panoramic Domsila Viewpoint
  • Jungle-trekking from Hat Rin to Hat Yuan, a two-hour adventure
  • Sea kayaking, scuba diving, and eco-tours for the thrill-seekers
  • Embracing Tranquility and Spirituality
  • Quieter coves like Hat Son in the northwest
  • Visiting lesser-known spots that emphasize tranquility, such as Bottle Beach
  • Hiking to the summit of Khao Ra Mountain for breathtaking vistas
  • Participating in Thai massage classes and community aid programs
Yang Na Yai TreeOldest and tallest tree on the islandIsland’s Interior
Chedi Wat Nai PagodaHistoric 19th-century stone pagodaNear Thong Sala
Than Prawet WaterfallMulti-tiered waterfall with lush surroundingsEastern Coast
Hat Sareekantang BeachPeaceful beach ideal for relaxationSoutheastern Tip
Wat Chaloklam TempleA site of serenity and spiritual calmNear Chaloklum Village

Exploring waterfalls and jungle trails, visiting cultural landmarks, or trying different activities helps tourists create special memories. Ko Pha Ngan offers the perfect island adventure. It balances festive times with the serene beauty of nature and culture.

Travel Guide: Getting to Ko Pha Ngan

Starting your trip to Ko Pha Ngan, an island paradise, is thrilling. It begins with figuring out how to get there. Whether you want the calm beaches from December to March or lively waters in July and August, knowing how to arrive is key to your Thailand travel guide.

Flights, Ferries and Speedboats: Navigating Your Arrival

Travelers often fly to Ko Samui Airport (USM) to get to this tropical escape. This airport has flights from big cities like Bangkok and Phuket. There are also direct international flights from Chiang Mai and Kuala Lumpur. Try Surat Thani Airport (URT) on the mainland for a cheaper route. It has low-cost flights with Air Asia and Thai Airways.

Experienced visitors advise using an efficient transport system in Thailand. Nok Air is a favorite, offering a ticket package that includes a flight to the mainland, a bus ride to the pier, and a ferry ticket. Chumphon Airport (CJM) offers direct flights from Bangkok’s airports. These connect travelers to their exciting journey to Ko Pha Ngan.

Tips for Smoother Travel to the Island Paradise

Ferries are the last step to reach Ko Pha Ngan. Choose between speedboats and ferries. The Lomprayah catamaran is known for its comfort and speed, though it may cost more. Raja Ferry and Lomprayah run multiple trips daily from Ko Samui to Thong Sala pier. They offer different times to fit your plans.

Here’s a travel tip: always book your ferry tickets early, especially in the busy season. The island gets crowded with tourists and full moon party fans. Planning your journey’s flights and ferries ensures a seamless trip. This makes your visit to Ko Pha Ngan a highlight of your Thailand travel guide.

A Taste of Ko Pha Ngan: Local Cuisine and Restaurants

On the picturesque Thai Gulf off Surat Thani’s coast, Ko Pha Ngan offers a unique culinary experience. The island’s vast food scene is rich with flavors. This makes dining a main event in your travel experiences.

Restaurants in Ko Pha Ngan are charming for food lovers. They showcase the top choices in local cuisine. Here, you can enjoy everything from fresh vegan meals to tasty seafood, Thai-style.

Restaurants in Ko Pha Ngan

Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar is famous for its fresh seafood and ocean vibe on Ban Tai’s beach. Auntie’s Restaurant is perfect for families wanting true Thailand food. Then, there’s Capana, a magical spot for vegans near the pier and Phantip Market.

  • Valentino offers a classy atmosphere for upscale dining in the island’s northeast.
  • Beach Lounge is great for those wanting Thai and Western meals.
  • Silvermoon Beach & Jungle Resort is ideal for escaping Had Rin’s Full Moon Party buzz with a relaxed culinary experience.

Bite Delight is where you go for the rich taste of Portuguese cuisine. Meanwhile, Crave is all about comfort with burgers and poutine for Western guests. This highlights the island’s culinary diversity.

Secret Mountain is a place where good food meets beautiful scenery. Here, Thai dishes shine against a stunning backdrop with swimming pools.

Fisherman’s Restaurant and BarSeafoodBeachfront, Ban Tai
ValentinoItalian Fine-DiningUpscale, Northeast
CapanaVeganNear Pier and Market
BeachloungeMixed Thai and WesternThong Sala Beach
SilverMoon Beach & Jungle ResortVarious CasualNear Beach, Had Rin
Auntie’s RestaurantAuthentic ThaiFamily-friendly
Bite DelightPortugueseSophisticated Interior
Secret MountainThai with ViewsMountain Top with Pool
CraveWestern StyleCanadian-owned, Tourist-friendly

Diving into Ko Pha Ngan’s dining world is a treat for your taste buds. It becomes part of your travel tale. With guidance from Culture Trip, you’ll explore local and international flavors. Each meal is an adventure, and every place tells its own story.

Ko Pha Ngan Weather and the Best Time to Visit

To plan a trip to Ko Pha Ngan, knowing about the weather is key. Thailand’s tropical climate can affect your vacation, especially beach trips or outdoor events. Checking the Ko Pha Ngan weather stats will help you find sunny days and great beach weather.

The ideal months to visit Ko Pha Ngan are from December to March. Expect warm days and cool nights, perfect for swimming and outdoor fun. Here is a table with average temperatures and rainfall to help plan your trip:

MonthAverage High (°C)Average Low (°C)Average Precipitation (mm)

During the dry season, from April to June, some beaches lose their charm. This happens along the northwest coast because the water gets shallow. However, Bottle Beach on the north and secluded spots on the east are still good for swimming. But it’s best to skip the south coast if you want clear waters and beautiful sands.

The second high season kicks off in July and August, right after the dry months. This time offers high tides and clear waters, perfect for various water sports. It attracts those looking for adventure as well as those wanting to relax.

Knowing about the seasonal changes in Ko Pha Ngan weather is crucial for planning a trip. You can pick the best time to visit Ko Pha Ngan by looking at monthly weather patterns. This way, you can enjoy what you love most, be it lively nightlife or peaceful beaches under the sun.

Adventures and Activities in Ko Pha Ngan

Ko Pha Ngan is an island full of adventure, welcoming those who love thrills and nature. Here, you can dive into the sea or help preserve its beauty. Many activities in Ko Pha Ngan suit everyone’s travel adventure needs.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Tropical Reefs

Diving and snorkeling in Ko Pha Ngan let you explore its colorful reefs. These activities offer a peaceful break from daily life. Dive shops around the island help everyone start their underwater adventure, from newbies to pros. It’s a key part of island activities.

Eco-friendly Tours and Conservation Efforts

Ko Pha Ngan focuses on eco-friendly tours and conservation efforts. These efforts aim to protect the environment while allowing visitors to enjoy the island’s nature. Eco-tours teach travelers how to help keep Ko Pha Ngan beautiful for the future.

There are more laid-back but fun activities in Ko Pha Ngan as well:

Happy HourThe ChallengeVariesEnjoy discounted rates on activities daily from 4 pm-6 pm
Marine Park VisitMu Ko Ang Thong National Marine ParkEntry FeeA boat ride away, hosting 42 marine preservation areas
Local DiningThong Sala Night MarketMeals from 50 bahtTaste local flavors like curry and Pad Thai for an affordable price
Secluded Beach StayBottle BeachVariesAccessible only by boat or 4×4, with beach bungalows offered
Thrilling SlideSlip N FlyEntrance FeeExperience the ‘Daddy’ slide launching you over 6 meters high

Ko Pha Ngan is more than a typical island. It perfectly mixes conservation efforts with fun island activities. Join this travel adventure, whether diving deep or flying high. It shows the wide range of activities in Ko Pha Ngan.

Planning Your Itinerary: Things to Do in Ko Pha Ngan

Start your Thailand adventure by adding Ko Pha Ngan’s highlights to your itinerary planning. This place is perfect for an unforgettable vacation. You can choose from the famous Full Moon Party or peaceful beach spots. This guide will show you the top things to do in Ko Pha Ngan.

Full Moon PartyEpic beach party in Haad Rin with music and dance.Free (Drinks/food extra)
Snorkeling Day TripsExplore the island’s coral reefs and marine life.Approx. 1,600 THB
Yoga ClassesRelax and rejuvenate with island yoga sessions.300-500 THB (single class)
Muay Thai LessonsEngage in Thailand’s traditional martial arts.600-700 THB (private lesson)
Cooking ClassesLearn to cook Thai cuisine at a cooking school.1,200-1,500 THB
Diving TripsDiscovery dives at popular spots like Sail Rock.Approx. 2,650 THB
Canopy AdventureExperience ziplining and tree bridges.800 THB
Night MarketsTaste local foods at the Thong Sala Night Market.20-100 THB per item
Ang Thong Marine ParkDay trip to snorkel, hike, and kayak in a stunning archipelago.Approx. 2,000 THB
Motorbike RentalRoam the island and its hidden spots at your own pace.Variable

Your travel activities in Ko Pha Ngan can include all kinds of adventures, from island excursions to tasty culinary discoveries. Visit Ang Thong Marine Park or check out the night markets. Add wellness sessions at local centers for a peaceful touch. The secret to a great Thailand adventure is balancing relaxation and fun.

As you decide what to do in Ko Pha Ngan, mix in these unique experiences. Choose between the lively atmosphere of Haad Rin beach or peaceful yoga sessions. Ko Pha Ngan promises a vacation filled with unforgettable moments in paradise.

Final Thoughts

As dawn breaks, the lively full moon party fades into calm. Ko Pha Ngan transforms, showing its quiet beauty. This island delights everyone, from party lovers to peace seekers. It captures our hearts with its contrasting charms.

Ko Pha Ngan offers a mix of wild parties and serene spots. You can dance the night away or relax on quiet beaches. This island ensures unforgettable moments for every visitor.

What makes the island special is its balance. Ko Pha Ngan is famous for its parties and its serene beauty. It invites us to enjoy both worlds. Anyone who visits once is sure to come back for more.


What is the Full Moon Party in Ko Pha Ngan?

The Full Moon Party is a big monthly event on Haad Rin Beach in Ko Pha Ngan. Thousands gather to enjoy music, dance, and entertainment under the full moon. International DJs and fire dancers perform, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

Can I enjoy the nightlife in Ko Pha Ngan outside of the Full Moon Party?

Yes! Besides the Full Moon Party, Ko Pha Ngan has many nightlife spots. You can find beach clubs, bars, and places with live music. These spots offer a fun but more relaxed vibe on other nights.

Are there tranquil areas in Ko Pha Ngan for relaxation?

The island has peaceful beaches, retreats, and wellness centers, perfect for relaxing amidst Ko Pha Ngan’s natural beauty.

What types of accommodation are available in Ko Pha Ngan?

Ko Pha Ngan has accommodations for all tastes and budgets. Luxury resorts, sea-view hotels, budget hostels, and romantic bungalows exist. Each option offers a unique experience.

What are some of the best beaches in Ko Pha Ngan?

The island is famous for its stunning beaches like Haad Rin, Thong Nai Pan Noi, and Bottle Beach. Each beach has its charm, from lively party spots to peaceful, secluded shores.

When is the best time to visit Ko Pha Ngan?

The ideal time to visit is from December to March. During these months, the weather is great for beach activities. It happens every month if you want to attend the Full Moon Party.

What activities can I do in Ko Pha Ngan?

There’s a lot to do on the island. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, hike to waterfalls, and explore jungle trails. There are also eco-tours and opportunities to join conservation efforts. Plus, you can visit temples and markets to experience the local culture.

How do I get to Ko Pha Ngan?

The journey usually starts with a flight to Bangkok. Then, you take another flight to Koh Samui or Surat Thani. From there, a ferry will take you to the island. It’s wise to book your travel in advance.

What kind of food can I expect in Ko Pha Ngan?

The island offers a wide range of food choices, from Thai street food to fine dining. The ingredients are fresh, and the Thai flavors will surely please any taste.

How can I plan an effective itinerary for Ko Pha Ngan?

Start by thinking about what you want from your trip, like relaxation or partying. Make time for the island’s highlights. This way, you can enjoy beaches, nightlife, wellness centers, and cultural places without rushing.

What should I pack for a trip to Ko Pha Ngan?

Remember to pack beachwear, sunscreen, and a hat for the day. For evenings and outdoor activities, bring casual clothes and comfy shoes. Don’t forget personal meds and a waterproof bag for boat rides.

Are there any cultural customs I should know when visiting Ko Pha Ngan?

In Thai culture, being polite and respectful is important. Dress modestly at the temples and take off your shoes. Use the wai gesture as a respectful greeting. Always respect the locals and the environment, especially during the Full Moon Party.

Can I find ATM and currency exchange facilities in Ko Pha Ngan?

Yes, you’ll find ATMs and places to exchange money, mainly in tourist spots. Although it’s handy, carrying some cash is smart. Not all places take cards, and ATMs might charge fees for international transactions.


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